The annual membership fee is 250 NIS (100 NIS for students). Please pay your membership fees at:

You must be a member of AIS in order to join ILAIS. Information on how to join AIS is available at:

Join ILAIS Mailing list
You don’t have to be an ILAIS member in order to join our mailing list. To subscribe to the ILAIS mailing list, please do the following:
1. Address an email to (and to no other email address).
2. In the body of the email, type SUB ILAIS Your Name (e.g. SUB ILAIS Dizza Beimel)
3. The rest of the email should be empty.
4. If you use an automatic “signature” in your email software, it must be disabled before you send your subscription request. If you do not know what the signature feature is, you are likely not using it.
5. Send the email.
6. You will receive a confirmation request from the mailing list server – to confirm click on the appropriate link.
Note: Your Name = your real name.

לדוקטורנטים בתחילת דרכם, שטרם הצטרפו ל-AIS, מומלץ להצטרף בינתיים לרשימת הדואר של ILAIS כדי להתעדכן בפעילויות אקדמיות בתחום מערכות מידע בישראל.

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