Global Collaboration

ILAIS Vice-Chair for External Relations: Nava Pliskin
Ben-Gurion University of the Negev    

The goal of the ILAIS Office for External Relations is to promote global collaboration in IS research and teaching, with IS academia in Israel at the core. Toward this goal, ILAIS members and supporters are invited to send ideas and information about (but not limited to):

  • Events (e.g., conferences in Israel and ILAIS meetings)
  • Employment opportunities (e.g., jobs and sabbaticals)
  • Collaborations (e.g., grants and scholarships)
  • Networking (e.g., seminars and lectures)
  • Initiatives (e.g., marketing and campaigns)

The ILAIS Office for External Relations needs your help!

Participation in a Cross-Cultural Study (Posted: May 31, 2008)
Anat Zeelim-Hovav is working on a cross-cultural study related to user perceptions of organizational information security countermeasures and misuse behavior, and asks for your help in collecting data in Israel during July. Read more


The Israeli directorate for the EU framework programme.

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