The annual membership fee is 360 NIS (150 NIS for students).Membership form:    Hebrew    Please contact ILAIS Treasurer, Dalit Levy: must be a member of AIS in order to join ILAIS. Information on how to join AIS is available at:

Join ILAIS Mailing list
You don’t have to be an ILAIS member in order to join our mailing list.
To subscribe, send an email message with the subject: subscribe ILAIS
to ILAIS Treasurer, Dalit Levy:

The message should contain your first name and last name, academic affiliation, and the email address you want to use for getting ILAIS messages.
A confirmation e-mail will be sent to you. You will need to reply to the e-mail to confirm your subscription.

לדוקטורנטים בתחילת דרכם, שטרם הצטרפו ל-AIS, מומלץ להצטרף בינתיים לרשימת הדואר של ILAIS כדי להתעדכן בפעילויות אקדמיות בתחום מערכות מידע בישראל.

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